Every hour, your iPhone is in constant aging, will eventually become e-waste.With the development of technology and the competition, electronic waste is already the world’s fastest-growing waste.According to a report by the United Nations in 2014, the world can produce about 4000 tons of e-waste per hour.These mountains of e-waste are mostly concentrated in the third world countries, and China is the worst-hit areas.Each year, more than 3 million tons of e-waste dismantling smuggled into China from all over the world, whether computers or mobile phones, monitors.

Is the high cost of backward technology, developed countries are not willing to the main reason for the recovery of electronic waste at home, but so far, e-waste recycling companies also have no better solution – perhaps, mass-produced consumer digital product of science and technology companies should take on some of the blame.

In addition to technology companies to increase investment in r&d, the government also should give support in terms of new technology.E-waste recycling is not going to solve the problem, but the environment problem continues, every family has a lot of old digital electronic products, how do you deal with the old stuff?