We are waiting for the iPhone 8, which should be the most attention smart phone this year, and after all, this year is also the birth of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.  According to some rumors, this year iPhone 8 screen will become larger than ever, the quality of the screen will be further improved.  At the same time, there are rumors that Apple will re-design the iPhone 8 layout, so that it can carry a larger battery.

 Well, if the iPhone 8 battery will really increase by about 40%, which for consumers, of course, is a good news, after all, many friends have criticized the iPhone’s life is generally like, but analysts mentioned, in fact, he is more Concerned about the price of the iPhone will be affected, because the use of a larger battery means higher costs.

Of course, you can also say how expensive a battery can be, according to last year’s dismantling of IHS, iPhone 7 battery cost is about $ 2.5.  In other words, 40% of the increase, perhaps to Apple spending a dollar, Moreover, to Apple’s ability, perhaps they can let this figure continue to decline, but analysts mentioned that Apple may have to face a new The problem is that the price of cobalt has more than doubled, especially in recent months, soared.

Cobalt is used in lithium batteries in a very critical metal, there is no doubt that the rise in cobalt prices, will certainly make iPhone battery manufacturing costs become more expensive.  Although this thing looks very subtle, but when Apple added a wireless charging, a larger display, we will see the cost of growth, and Apple will try to protect their profit margins as much as possible, so that Move the body, analysts believe that the iPhone 8 price looks more than the iPhone 7 is inevitable.

Prices will certainly affect the consumer’s mind, if the iPhone 8 price really rose, then we have to see how much it up. However, the analyst also mentioned that if the price of cobalt continues to so so, no one dares to determine what will happen.

I would not be surprised if the consumer paid a little more for the next iPhone, but a bigger battery (possibly) and a rise in cobalt prices showed that just a component could make the device more expensive, We can not underestimate any of the details.