After the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, some people think that Samsung may give up the Note series, and focus on other smartphone. Samsung is not willing to give up easily, however, and plans to release the new Galaxy Note in the second half of the year. South Korea’s ministry of commerce willo officials, Samsung electronics will be released this year a new Galaxy Note device. Galaxy Note 7 before the battery is on fire, is considered to be the best smartphone last year, Samsung said will be released in April, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 May in the Galaxy S8 released after launch. Considering the two Note in the equipment before August, as a result, the Galaxy Note 8 May in August this year.

Samsung cooperation manufacturer said, Samsung will launch the 2k resolution display in the Galaxy S8, but the 4k resolution display will be used in the Galaxy Note 8, to achieve improved function of virtual reality, it will be connected to the new Gear VR wearable devices. This means that Samsung will launch a new Gear with Galaxy Note 8 VR devices, provide super clear VR functions, improve the handwritten pen function and iris certification system.


Galaxy Note series is one of the most popular domestic mobile phones, Samsung is not willing to give up this lucrative series products, the south Korean company will be released later this month