According to Patently Apple reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office announced a new patent Apple received. The new patent is not the iPhone’s built-in new technology, but an iPhone protective shell accessories.

Mobile phone case is usually used to protect the fuselage from falling when the impact caused by damage to the parts, the degree of protection will make the difference in the thickness of the phone case. But in the increase in thickness to give the body more robust protection at the same time, not easy to heat will also make the iPhone has to reduce the performance of the heat and reduce the heat, but this way the overall performance of the equipment will be affected.

 As a result, Apple hopes to solve this problem by adding a new set of heat transfer mechanisms to the side of the protective shell that comes into direct contact with the fuselage back cover. The heat transfer mechanism will include a heat collector through which a heat transfer pipe can be used to receive the heat generated by the individual components.


In addition, the protective shell there is another form of design, the use of three-tier structure. The first layer is made of porous materials such as ultrafine fibers that allow the heat generated by the iPhone device to pass smoothly. The second layer is made of a polymeric material such as plastic to increase the hardness of the protective shell. The third layer is from the appearance of the protective shell appearance and easy to clean point of view, made of silicon material.