Recently, many iPhone users have said iPhone 6s automatic shutdown when power still remaining 30% or so, only connected power charging can open again. In reaction to the phenomenon, Apple released in the iPhone 6s free replacement battery policy, and is updated on yesterday evening the Apple website content, announced the iPhone 6s unexpected shutdown event survey results.

According to Apple’s announcement, a handful of September to October in 2015 during the production of the iPhone 6s device, a battery element comes in battery pack in a controlled environment in the air before the exposure time is too long, make the battery power consumption faster than normal, unexpected shutdown.

Apple stressed that this is not a safety issue. iPhone to allow equipment in the design of automatic shutdown under certain condition, such as extreme cold temperatures. Automatically shut down some of the cases for customers may be an accident, but it is designed to protect the electronic components to avoid from damage due to low voltage.