Freeman Self-balancing Unicycle


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1.electric unicycle comes to 16km/h,there is a redwarning light.please slow down to avoid accidents.
2.Charger first when there is two red LED lights
3.Do not turn on power switch while charging.
this manual includes safety usage instructions .please ensure this manual is read and understood before you use the product.
The package contains:
1.Free-man Wheel*1 2.Adaptor*1 3.Inflation extended nozzle*1 4.Band *1
5.Shinguard(pair) 6.Use manual*1 7.Warranty card*1 8.Free-man partner(option)*1

About Free -man Wheel
Free -man Wheel is a high-teach tool for walking use acrospace attitude control theory.fuzzy algorithm,and gyroscope system to achieve balance by forward and backward leaning. User can control the vehicle to go forward,accelerate ,decelerate,brake or others through the body slightly forward and backward.the left and right balance is similar to the technique of riding a bicycle-achieved through slightly slanting left or right.Free -man Wheel use lithium battery,and is a green product .it can be easily carried around on a bus or subway ,and it is a wonderful commuting tool for going to work,going to school and shoping etc.
Free -man Wheel Safety Instruction
There a risk to riding Free -man Wheel like driving every vehicle .plese ensure this safety instructions is read before you use it,and pay more attentions when you ride it.

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