UV Lampa REPAIROR 5V 7W Aluminum


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High Quality

The REPAIROR 5V 7W Aluminum Alloy Durable USB UV Lamp is a perfect must have tool for your repair tool kit! It enables you to make the solder mask hardens quickly and sticks to the PCB.

Perfect Built

The curing lamp is strongly built to last longer. It is durable and comes with high power and makes the soldering process seamless. It is easy to hold and work with.

How to Use?

After evenly applying the Solder Mask on the affected area, turn on the UV Lamp and focus there for a few seconds/minutes. After that, the solder mask will solidify. Then clean the excess solder mask with any oil base solvent.


Before the product reaches you, we make sure that its quality is no less than awesome! The product comes with a safe packaging.

Quick Delivery

We ensure that you get your REPAIROR 5V 7W Aluminum Alloy Durable USB UV Lamp as soon as possible.

Standard Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days.

Orders are processed within 24 hours on Weekdays (Monday-Friday).

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