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Best Quality

The MiJing CH5-C Intelligent Mainboard Layered Platform is perfect for the welding process. It saves your time and eases the whole process. The quality is high; CH5-C does not damage the motherboard.

Built for Double Layered Motherboard

The double platform is well suited for the double layered motherboard. The silicone platform is anti – slip and the body is made from PP material. 

Makes the Motherboard Disassembly/Welding Easy

The intelligent design of the CH5-C adopts double heating cores. This makes the rise in temperature really quick. The heat is evenly distributed to weld the motherboard faster. The perfect cut in the board makes the positioning of the motherboard right.

Highly Efficient and Saves Time

It takes only 3 minutes for the unsoldering of layers. You can save your precious time by switching to this intelligent mainboard for Apple iPhone X/XS/XS Max Welding and Maintenance. 

Protection & Packaging

The product comes with a safe and an amazing packaging. 

Quick Delivery

We ensure that you get your MiJing CH5-C Intelligent Mainboard Layered Welding as soon as possible.

Standard Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days.

Orders are processed within 24 hours on Weekdays (Monday-Friday).



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