Omlödningsplattform Reballing Apple iPhone X/XS/XS Max


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A Perfect Testing Tool
The Qianli ToolPlus Middle Frame Reballing Platform is a perfect must have tool for Mobile Phone Technicians. It lets you easily test the mainboard and saves you a lot of time.

Unique Design

The unique design of Qianli ToolPlus makes it long lasting and durable. You can now precisely position the Apple 11/11 Pro Max mainboard/ logic board.

Making the Testing Process Easier

The fine holes stencil station does not melt under the high temperature. The stencils also make the solder paste distribution even. The mobile repair tool also comes with a strong magnetic attraction.

Protection & Packaging

The product comes with a safe and an amazing packaging.

Quick Delivery

We ensure that you get your QianLi ToolPlus Middle Frame Reballing Platform as soon as possible.

Standard Delivery Time:
1-3 Working Days.
Orders are processed within 24 hours on Weekdays (Monday-Friday).

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