Justerbart Stativ med Dubbla hållare för Moderkort/IC Chip


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High Quality

The MiJing K23 Dual Shaft Universal PCB Board Holder Fixture is a perfect addition to your mobile repairing tool kit! It enables to you hold the PCB in place, while you fix the faults.

Perfect Built

The tool is made up of Aluminum Alloy and stainless steel which ensures its long durability. It is high temperature resistant and comes with an IC Card Holder. Now you can easily work on the IC Card. The PCB Holder does not move from its place as it comes with Anti – Slip Wheels.


Before the product reaches you, we make sure that its quality is no less than awesome! The product comes with a safe packaging.

Quick Delivery

We ensure that you get your MiJing K23 Dual Shaft Universal PCB Board Holder Fixture as soon as possible.

Standard Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days.

Orders are processed within 24 hours on Weekdays (Monday-Friday).

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